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From Bhutan to Bunagee

From Culdaff to the Himalayas and back....

A Culdaff man, Frederick Young brought the potato to the Indian Himalayas in the 1820’s. Now a Bhutanese man, Kamal Rai, Head Chef at McGrory’s, is bringing Himalayan influences to Culdaff cuisine.

On the weekend of the 15th, 16th and 17th Nov as a celebration of our past and present Himalayan connection “From Bhutan to Bunagee”,, McGrory’s Hotel is will be serving its award

winning Front Bar Gastropub menu interspersed with Himalayan influenced dishes. We will have brilliant musician the Front Bar both Friday and Saturday evening.

On Saturday 16th November we will be hosting a 5 course gala dinner with insightful historical talks celebrating the unique related history of Culdaff in Inishowen and Mussoorie in the Indian

Himalayas where Young planted the first potatoes. We will also have special tastings of locallyproduced drinks, including appropriately potato based ones. 

Kamal has designed a menu that combines Donegal’s wonderful produce with his native Bhutanese flavours. The freshest Greencastle landed fish, local vegetables, particularly our

wonderful potatoes and Inishowen meats enhanced with lightest of Himalayan flavours by Kamal and his ace team.

Frederick Young was born in Culdaff in 1786. He went to India when he was 15. He established the first Gurkha regiment as part of the East India Company army, the Sirmoor Rifles which on

Indian independence became part of the Indian army. Young established a hill station in Mussoorie which became the location for the first potato, tea and apple planting in the Indian

Himalayas. Young also built the St Peter’s Church and the Sisters Bazaar in Mussoorie. 

Head Chef, Kamal is delighted to share the cuisine of his native Himalayan homeland and allow it to influence his preparation of wonderful Donegal produce. ‘I was surprised and delighted to

learn of the food connection between Inishowen and the Himalayas. The potato is an important element of cooking in the Himalayas and in Ireland and the story of Frederick Young from

Culdaff’s role in propagating the potato is a truly fascinating one.’ The Bhutan to Bunagee dinner on Saturday 16th November in the Front Room restaurant will cost

€45 per head and is expected to sell out quickly. Bookings can be made on line at 

or by phone at 0749379104.